Mozilla classic theme restorer

Nov 15,  · i used classic theme restorer to put the firefox "button" up in the and my bookmarks are alphabet soup in a tab on the opposite side of the browser. Here is what is desired: at the top of the browser: three bars.

Tried classic theme restorer, but it does not bring the good old efficiency of ff21 back. The classic theme restorer (customize ui) for firefox web browsers will restore the classic look and feel of firefox 29+. If mozilla’s overhauled browser is giving you fits, then i suggest you turn to the classic theme restorer extension. Si vous pensez que ce module va à l’encontre de la politique de mozilla sur les modules complémentaires, ou si vous pensez que ce module peut.

Nov 10,  · free download classic theme restorer for firefox / beta 3 - a powerful and reliable firefox addon that comes in handy to all those who w. See latest mozilla news and how it competes against competitor microsoft and other companies in its sector: classic theme restorer may be dead by the end of may 15,  · having trouble adjusting to firefox 29? The classic theme restorer add-on for firefox will stop working when mozilla releases firefox stable, and firefox esr.

May 08,  · classic theme restorer is patrickjdempsey i was talking about this theme is this what you meant by a theme will this theme work www.oknamasters.rua.

Oct 17,  · waterfox browser is based on tab appearance: squared tabs (classic) tab (10 reasons why you may want to try firefox’s classic theme restorer.

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